Sydney To Brisbane Road Trip – Top Stops

There is so much to see and do on a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane so I just wanted to share my top experiences!   The Sydney Tower Eye If you want a sky high experience of the city and can't quite afford the bridge climb (like us), the Sydney Tower Eye is a... Continue Reading →


Aussie Road Trip – How to live out of a car…

Since I was about 14, at school with my mates thinking that I would take on the world and be a famous actress by the time I was 24; my dream has been to take a road trip up the coast of Australia. This year that dream came true and it was everything and more... Continue Reading →

Introduction To Sydney

Our first week in Sydney consisted of a lot of wandering around, getting lost and following google maps the weirdest ways to get back to the hostel. Although it sounds frustrating I would actually reccomend it as a method for exploring the city and finding your way around; as for us, when we ended up... Continue Reading →

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