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  1. Hi Jemma!

    We found you through Twitter, and we like your articles about Australia.

    Would you be interested in sharing a story with myOZexp?

    Our goal is to create a community of bloggers, travellers and expats, future travellers and past explorers in Australia. In our platform anyone can share stories, show beautiful photos, meet other users with unique experiences, exchange information and get inspired for their perfect Australian experience.

    I saw your blog and thought that you might be interested in collaborating with us. Would you like to share one of your adventures, life moments, tips or ideas about life in Australia on myOZexp (in your mother tongue and/or English)? We would like to publish a small article with some of your photos. This is a great opportunity to promote your blog and inspire others like you. We will include links to your blog or social profiles on your story.

    If you’d like to be part of our community please let me know if you agree, and I will send a guide for your story and some examples.

    Have a great day!

    Marco – myOZexp team

    Like us on Facebook at
    Follow us on Instagram at


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