Road Trip: Tamborine Mountain & Camping at Lake Wyaralong

Tamborine Mountain


Following our one night fly in visit to Brissy, we drove about an hour South to Tamborine Mountain National Park, as is the case most of the time in Oz; it was free to park and there were only around 10 other cars there. Naturally there are picnic benches and BBQ’s if you want to make a day of it. On approach to the walking trails there is a guide to tell you how long each trail will take – I would advise paying some attention to which way you’ve gone as you walk though – we didn’t and couldn’t remember which way we’d come from…

The trek isn’t too difficult and can be done in a sturdy pair of Havaianas if you’re as unprepared as we were. Always watch out for snakes on trails like this one, they’re more than likely to avoid you anyway but just be careful not to accidentally stand on one! It took us about 2 hours to complete the trail, keep a lookout for the wildlife too as there are plenty of birds and lizards to spot as you explore the mountain. There are numerous lookouts and information plaques dotted around the walks and are worth a read with regard to the area’s indigenous history; near the end of the trail we came to Cameron Falls lookout which has beautiful views of the waterfall, if you do go, look out for a rainbow near the bottom of the falls.

If you’re near the are I would recommend stopping off at Tambourine Mountain as it’s really not far from Brisbane and not to much off a detour off the Bruce Highway as you make your way up or down the East Coast.

Lake Wyaralong

We were supposed to only be staying the one night at our friends’ cousin’s house in Tamborine, but we’d missed them so much since we’d last seen them on the farm in Bundaberg and ending up spending 4 days there. Luckily for us, their cousins were just as lovely as them and made us feel completely at home in their house, which was also home to 2 dogs, chickens, guinea fowl (to warn off the snakes), sheep, goats and a 3ft long python who lived in the garden. After putting off leaving again on the second day, we decided to go and camp somewhere for the night, it was only a 40 minute drive to Wyaralong Dam and Lake Wyaralong free campground from Tamborine.

Packing didn’t take long as we were living in our Ford Falcon and Ruth and Hayley had driven their campervan all the way down from North Queensland; so beers and Haley’s hash cupcakes packed we set off for Wyaralong Dam. We stopped off at Woolworths in Beaudesert to stock up on BBQ food and snacks for the evening, oh… and more beers. Just 10 minutes further on and we were at the Dam, there were about 2 other campers in the area were we stopped, it felt as though we had the whole place to ourselves. We parked the cars on the road and set ourselves up around the free electric BBQ. The views are stunning at Wyaralong Dam and it really does feel as though you could be one of the first people to discover the place, it’s so peaceful. We couldn’t take our eyes off of the Dam while the sun set behind the mountains and the reflection shone on the water; drinking, eating BBQ food and laughing until the early hours of the morning – definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Oz.


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