Brisbane on a Backpacker Budget…

Brissy mate!

All in all in took us 10 days to drive in our Camperman camper from Sydney to Brisbane; we arrived in pure style as always… in the passenger seats of a tow truck. The campervan which had lasted us so well had blown up as we’d attempted to drive it up Mount Tamborine, so after ditching or drinking what we couldn’t be bothered to carry, the tow truck arrived and drove us the final couple of hours to Brisbane.

After getting a taxi from the Camperman hire place in the middle of an industrial estate we arrived at Joe’s Place Backpackers just a 10 minute walk from the CBD (city centre). Joe’s cost $15 a night and if you paid for 3 nights you got the fourth free, so it actually worked out really cheap! The hostel was clean and fairly comfy, it wasn’t The Ritz but I would say pretty decent for how much it cost us. It’s was quite chilled when we stayed there, more of a place where you can have a few drinks on the roof, have a smoke and listen to music but not really a massive party hostel. One of the nights that we were there was free Pizza night and credit to them there was plenty of it!

We were sooooo tired from our road trip up the coast and were buzzing to see a proper bed so literally collapsed onto our bunks and stayed there all night – travelling isn’t always fun and games people – sometimes its bedtime for 18 hours.

Brisbane was a completely different atmosphere to the one which we had been used to in Sydney, it was busy but relaxed, vibrant but chilled and definitely not as crowded as Sydney. Overall, although it was a completely different city to the one which we had been used to for the last 3 months, I liked it. If you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of city life but with a bit more room to breathe, I would definitely recommend Brisbane and can easily see why so many people choose it as a place to live and work.


What To Do?


Streets Beach

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Located on Brisbane’s South Bank Streets Beach is a manmade beach in the city, there is a beach-like pool surrounded by sand and a swimming pool the other side which are divided by a wooden boardwalk. Also because were talking about Australia, all of it is free and open to members of the public.


Eat Street

Eat Street Northshore has to be on the list for Brisbane, you’ll find any and every type of food and drink you can think of here, along with shopping and live music.



Free City Hopper Ferry


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There is a free ferry that travels up and down the river between Sydney Street and North Quay, a great way to see the city on a backpacker budget!


Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Just a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre, the Botanic Gardens are a great place to relax and get back to nature in the city.


Nepalese Peace Pagoda

Image may contain: outdoor

I wanted a nice pic of the architecture but he just had to get in the way! This is the Nepalese Pagoda on Southbank, its free to look around and definitely worth a visit for a bit of city culture.


Free Gym Membership

If you’re not staying in Brissy for too long I would definitely make use of the free trials that gyms in the city are offering, just be sure to check the terms and conditions to ensure you’re not signing yourself up to a permanent contract. We used a 3 day free trial at Anytime Fitness, partly to exercise but mainly to take advantage of their sauna and posh showers.


Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art

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Entry is free which is what we like to hear on a budget! If you want to get out of the sun for a bit and appreciate some modern art in such a vibrant city then get down the QAGOMA!


Just a quick one on Brissy but hopefully it will help if you’re backpacking on a budget!

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