Vagatraveller Intro

I’m starting this blog simply because I want to share my experiences and offer guidance on various aspects of travelling which I couldn’t find much information on before I came to Australia. So here you will find a detailed overview of my backpacking experience, along with anything that I think will be helpful to other travellers. 🙂

Everything that I write will be what I have learnt as I’ve traveled; this is simply because I’ve booked a one way ticket to Australia with around £2500 in my bank account and have no particular plan. So far not having a plan seems to have worked out well for me, as I’ve found the spontaneous days to be the most memorable.  I’m not recommending that you have no plan at all when travelling as there are some things such as transport and accommodation that do obviously need to be arranged. However, for general exploration of the area, just get up, go out and speak to people; Australians and backpackers alike are always happy to help and you will find something that you weren’t expecting.



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